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Our Story

RBBI is located in the heart of Riverside, Fort Worth, Texas, a neighborhood/community established back in 1888. We are the first barber & beauty institute in DFW with bilingual classes in English and Spanish. We strive to teach and educate our students to not only be barbers and beauticians but to be a positive role model in the community so we can build a better future in our city together.

Our mission is to guide our students with original moral values such as respect, honesty, punctuality, and understanding. RBBI takes pride in going above and beyond the basics of the educational program. We not only teach the core program that will allow you to pass the state board exams but also teach personal development skills and business skills to succeed in all aspects of your life.


Our clinic floor will allow our students to get the hands on experience they require to become proficient and excel in their techniques as well as gain confidence. No matter which one of our courses you decide to take, we guarantee you will be ready to immediately begin your career after graduation.


RBBI is a proud member of the Rivereast Community and hopes to continue to cater to our youth in the surrounding communities as well as build a long lasting customer relationship with everyone.

Alex Alvarado cutting man's hair

Meet Our Team

Alexander Alvarado Riverside Barber and Beauty Institute Instructor

Alexander Alvarado


Alex is Co-Owner and Director of Riverside Barber and Beauty Institute who has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Fully licensed Barber and Beauty Instructor for 10 years and has taught in various barber and cosmetology schools in Fort Worth, Texas. He was valued in all those schools as an instructor because of his bilingual ability to speak English and Spanish as well as his abilities as a motivational speaker. He avidly speaks all over DFW and motivates anyone who hears him to follow their dreams and pursue their careers. Alex is a successful owner of two barbershops and is a firm believer in giving back to the community. He hopes to use RBBI as a way to give back to the community. He strives to educate and mentor upcoming Barbers and Stylists to become all around experienced in all aspects of the industry. He is a lifelong learner and continues to grown on his craft and keep up with the latest trends and products. Specializing in elite customer care and giving each customer a personalized experience, Alexander believes in building lifelong relationships with all customers and students.

Raul Aguilera Riversie Babr an Beauty Institute Instructor

Raul Aguilera


Always inspiring to learn new things, Raul’s passion for
the trade in barbering began after high school, where he
went forward to receive his Barber License. He worked
hard to continually hone and develop his craft in cutting
over the last eight years and has become proficient in
men’s modern cuts and styles.
Finding inspiration in business and entrepreneurship with
Alex, as co-owner of Riverside Barber & Beauty, Raul is
motivated to provide impressive services in the barber
industry and sharpen the blades (pun, intended!) for the
next line of future barbers through next-level instruction.

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